Sabelo Mcinziba

Sabelo Mcinziba

Independent Researcher

Sabelo Mcinziba is a researcher preoccupied with the question of the Human throughout history. His intellectual work is inter-, multi-, and transdisciplinary in service of a set of questions that come together when thinking about the human. These include the question of power, violence, trauma, land, death, freedom, aesthetics, space, modernity, identity, heritage, memory, etc. He curates audience-participatory and collaborative walking tours in urban and rural settings. The narration method forms intersections between history and the philosophies that shape the past and the present. The tours are an invitation to study how the same patterns are expressed through path dependence and historical recurrence. He is committed to intellectual work that rehumanizes the dehumanized by imagining alternative Afro futures.

All Sessions by Sabelo Mcinziba

13:00 - 14:30

Curating the Human

Concert Hall, Baxter Theatre

Opening Keynote Debate 1: Carnival of Ideas